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How to use SCP


Secure Copy over SSH As the name implies, SCP stands for SecureCopy and is a Linux command for copying files to and from different hosts. It does this by using the SSH protocol ensuring encryption on both filenames and the password. Unlike other protocols like FTP , the filenames or the password is not visible in case someone is snooping the network making SCP a very secure and powerful tool. By...

How to change a linux password


Easier than it sounds You may come across a situation where you must change the linux password of a user be it root or any other. Luckily , the process is rather simple and easy to do. First step is to connect to the VPS or Linux machine with the root account via your desired SSH client and run the following command: passwd user After pressing enter, you will be prompted to insert the new...

How to secure your linux – Fail2ban


Fail2ban Fail2ban is a very good tool for hardening linux against brute-force attacks. It works by checking logs and creating iptable rules once the rules are triggered. The following guide is for Ubuntu/Debian who’s repos already provide the required pacakges. For CentOS/RHEL, epel-release repo must be installed first. Update the packages and install fail2ban: apt update && apt -y...

How to secure your linux – Public key authentication


Why the fuss about security? Linux is secure by default but the multitude of options at your disposal are plenty and rather loose or very customizable. Some basic options do not work out of the box but there is nothing preventing you to enable them. Public key authentication It is the most basic and simple way to login via SSH but it’s not uncrackable. The best way by far is using Public...

How to create a Teamspeak server


What is Teamspeak? Teamspeak is a VoIP software mostly used by videogame players to communicate to each other by talking instead of typing. Using a VoIP (Voice over IP) app is crucial when playing multiplayer games with your friends without having to type in order to talk.   Prerequisites You will need the following tools in order to create your own Teamspeak server: An SSH client –...

How to use Areca CLI


Areca CLI In order to monitor, configure or get a report from an Areca RAID controller, the best tool to use is the Areca command line interface names cli32 or cli64 (for 64 bit systems). Commands are mostly the same for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions therefore the following examples will be using cli32. Some basic examples: Show a list of possible commands: cli32 main Show the current RAID set...

How to secure Windows Remote Desktop (RDP)


How secure is Windows RDP? By default, a Remote Desktop session is operated via an encrypted channel which prevents anyone to view your session by network listening methods. Although this is a secure method, it is still susceptible to “man-in-the-middle-attack” to a certain degree as well as a form of brute-force attacks or simple guesses if the attacker has any info on your general...

Install MetaTrader on linux


MetaTrader , as the name suggests, is a platform designed for trading Forex. It is available on several systems like Windows or Linux. This tutorial will cover Linux installation on a RDP-enable VPS. Prerequisites: An Ubuntu RDP-enabled linux VPS. You can find one at MVPS.NET, the minimum recommended is the Basic variant. Putty or any other SSH client. The installation process is comprised of...

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