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How to add your existing SSH Key to Yubikey via OpenPGP


In the previous article, we’ve shown how you can use a Yubikey’s openpgp smartcard for ssh public key authentication. Now, there are cases where you do not want to generate a new keypair and instead would like to use your existing ssh keypair. It should be noted that the most secure way is still to generate a new key directly on the smartcard. That’s the only solution that can...

How to enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux


Microsoft has outdid itself by adding native support to run a Linux system. This has a variety of cases, as you can now mix Windows and Linux apps on the same machine without the need to start a virtual machine. The system is called Windows Subsystem for Linux and currently has support for the following distributions: Ubuntu 16.04 LTSUbuntu 18.04 LTSUbuntu 20.04 LTSopenSUSE Leap 15.1SUSE Linux...

How to setup Yubikey for SSH Authentication via OpenPGP on Windows


We all know that using public/private key authentication is the most recommended authentication mechanism to connect to SSH servers. Using a ssh-agent makes your life much easier and much more secure than entering passwords manually for each of your servers. Also, if you configure properly the ssh agent forwarding, you can connect to air-gaped systems while maintaining the security of your keys...

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