ArchiveMarch 2020

MVPS now supports automated Card payments


We have implemented automated card payments along our PayPal subscriptions due to the many requests from our customers. The default card option will now create a recurring payment profile and the card will be automatically charged for each new invoice issued for that specific VPS. If you do not wish to use this option, do not worry! We have kept the one-time payment option which is available on...

How to configure the Mikrotik CHR on MVPS


By default, the Mikrotik CHR has no configuration added. The default user is admin and there is no password (press enter when asked for password). As soon as your Mikrotik VPS is ready, go to the Servers page, search for your Mikrotik VPS and click on the “Details” button. You will be taken to the VPS management page where you will have access to the web console and you will be able...

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