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How to configure the Private Network on MVPS


As we have recently announced, MVPS now supports private network for all our servers. It is worth noting that a private network is created for each customer and for each of the datacenters we provide. Traffic from one datacenter to another is not forwarded via the private network. To configure the private network, you first need to enable it: Go to the the vps details page and click on the...

New MVPS Feature – Private Network


We are pleased to announce that we have just added Private Networks as a new feature for all MVPS servers. The private network is an isolated dedicated VLAN which is available on all servers in a specific location belonging to the same customer. Access to the private network is done with a secondary network interface (usually eth1). After the private network feature is enabled on a server, the...

New VPS Location – Sweden


MVPS is proud to announce the expansion to a new server location in Sweden. Located in a Stockholm datacenter, in the capital of Sweden, our services are dedicated to all customers interested in a reliable VPS server with a fast network connection. With an excellent internet infrastructure and exceptionally fast connection, the Sweden VPS servers are available for immediate use. Choosing a cheap...

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