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How to automatically update the Qubes OS and templates


Qubes OS is an operating system designed for security and nothing breaks the security faster than an unpatched system. Qubes notifies you when there are updates and you can do them on your own terms. But for the lazy and forgetful people like myself, we prefer the updates to be added automatically. Both in the templates and in the dom0. This is very easily achieved by using cron. Simply run the...

USB access in qubes OS


By default, accessing USB devices is disabled. Enabling USB access comes with specific security risks, but for most of us, it’s a necessity. For example, I need access to my YubiKey in a specific domain. Qubes uses a sys-vm called sys-usb to proxy the USB devices. Normally, this is created during the installation process (you are asked at the end). But if you do not have it, you can create...

Screenshot tool for Qubes OS


Making and sharing screenshots in Qubes OS is one of the main hurdles in migrating from a traditional operating system. There are few tools made by different contributors for this but none were working in the simple way I was used to (upload to specific image host and copy to clipboard). The following script is designed to allow for the capturing of a screenshot by selecting a region with your...

What is QUBES OS


Qubes OS is an open-source Linux Desktop operating system designed for security. Its main premise is that you can always be compromised and the only real solution is isolation. To achieve this, the Operating System consists of multiple virtual machines under Xen, called Qubes, each of them completely isolated one from another. The Qubes are based on secured templates, which are read-only. Only...

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