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Install Resilio Sync on linux


Resilio Sync (formerly known as BitTorrent Sync) is a P2P file transfer tool based on the torrent protocol. Its main advantages compared to classic transfer tools are speed, simplicity and the very foundation it was built on: torrent-style transfers. In simple terms, the more “nodes” you have the faster the information can be uploaded or downloaded, at the same time. This tool works...

How to use TW CLI


TW_CLI is a CLI tool for 3Ware RAID cards configuration. It provides in-depth control, various RAID configurations, monitoring and general tweaking of the present devices. The following are a few examples of some useful commands. You can either invoke the tool by 1. inserting tw_cli followed by enter or 2. run the commands directly by including the tw_cli as the first argument. tw_cli > Enter...

How to use HPACUCLI


HPACUCLI or HP Array Configuration Utility is the tool to use when it comes to HP Array controllers on HP servers. The tools helps configure all the specifics and parameters related to the array controller of the server. It is available in CLI and GUI and has quite a few useful commands. First off, abbreviations you should know about: drivewritecache = dwc controller = ctrl logicaldrive = ld...

How to install Linux Malware Detect


Security is the 1st priority for a stable running online machine and should not be neglected at any time. Some may forget that even though viruses do not “exist” on linux, some types of malware can wreak havoc on your system. Linux Malware Detect (or LMD) is a nifty little tool which uses the ClamAV engine. In the following tutorial, I will show you how to install and use it. 1...

How to find and clear inodes


There comes a time when the control panel or your site in general exhibits a strange behavior claiming “No disk space left” or “Inode count full” while there is plenty of disk space available. This is down to inode usage . Inodes are filesystem structures which describe (among other attributes) a file or a directory. They can be of 1kb (or smaller) and up to 4.7GB (or more...

How to use the SSH Public Keys feature at


You might have noticed the recent addition of a new feature in the left menu called “SSH Keys” and was looking for more info on it. What is Public Key Authentication The SSH protocol supports several authentication methods. One of the most important is public key authentication for interactive and automated connections. Reason behind this is very simple: security. Public key...

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