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Server maintenance


It ain’t gonna do itself As with major linux distributions, developers are constantly adding new code and features with the main goal of maintaining a system up to date in the face of constant software change. In order to rest assured your linux system is up to date and smooth running, there areĀ  a few simple commands to execute from the terminal. For CentOS/RHEL: yum -y update For...

Ubuntu 16 & 18 RDP – A free alternative to windows vps


Install XRDP on Ubuntu 16 & 18 x64 Server with XFCE4 Desktop In this tutorial, I will show you how to install RDP functionality on a Ubuntu Server VPS . Ubuntu Server usually comes with a console usually accessible directly via the screen or, in the case of a VPS or remote PC/server, via SSH connection.   Make sure the system is up to date with the latest stable software: apt-get update...

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