NVMe Servers now available


As we have just celebrated our 5th anniversary, we are happy to inform you of the new product we have launched. Starting today, you can order your VPS servers with NVMe disks, which will provide a much better I/O performance. This will translate in a faster boot time, a faster database, a faster website and all in all, a much faster VPS. All our NVMe servers currently run on Intel Xeon Gold...

HostAdvice Research: When Do You Need VPS Hosting?


What Is VPS Hosting? VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which is a virtual machine that uses virtualization technology to separate one server into multiple virtual servers. VPS hosting basically mimics the environment of a dedicated server. However, it is significantly cheaper because it is hosted on one physical server and users share that server with others. Additionally, with VPS hosting...

New VPS Location – Cyprus


MVPS is happy to announce the expansion to a new server location, in Cyprus. Located in Larnaca, a beautiful city on the southern coast of Cyprus, our services are dedicated to all the customers interested in a reliable VPS at a reasonable price. With excellent connectivity to the Middle East and Europe, the Cyprus VPS servers are available for immediate use. Choosing a cheap Cyprus VPS Hosting...

Why are there so many failed login attempts since the last successful login?


Why does it happen? There are millions of infected computers in the world constantly scanning the internet for open services, which try to brute force their way into your servers. New computers are infected each day, so banning them becomes a futile exercise. This is the reason we see so many failed login attempts when we login to our servers and this happens to any ssh server which runs on the...

Wireguard for vps


WireGuard is an extremely simple yet fast and modern VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography. It aims to be faster, simpler, leaner, and more useful than IPsec, while avoiding the massive headache. It intends to be considerably more performant than OpenVPN. We have been big fans of WireGuard here at MVPS and we have been using it for a long time. So, we have decided to build a small...

How to use to install other operating systems on your vps


We, at MVPS, provide access to our ISO image library, which allows our customer to install operating systems which are not supported by our automated installs. However, there are much more operating systems out there which are not part of our library and for them, we have added the solution. The developers of have created a very nice pxe boot system which allows you to...

How to save the xrdp login details for passwordless authentication


XRDP brings the Remote Desktop protocol (RDP) to linux machines. One of the main drawbacks is that it does not support network layer authentication (NLA), therefore Windows won’t allow you to save the password and it does not allow you to copy and paste the password in the login screen. Thankfully, there is a solution which implies the creation of a .rdp file with the login credentials. It...

New VPS Location – Ireland


MVPS is happy to announce the expansion to a new server location, in Ireland. Located in Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, our services are dedicated to all the customers interested in a reliable VPS with a fast network connection. With an excellent internet infrastructure and exceptionally fast connection, the Irish VPS servers are available for immediate use. Choosing a cheap Irish VPS...

How to automatically update the Qubes OS and templates


Qubes OS is an operating system designed for security and nothing breaks the security faster than an unpatched system. Qubes notifies you when there are updates and you can do them on your own terms. But for the lazy and forgetful people like myself, we prefer the updates to be added automatically. Both in the templates and in the dom0. This is very easily achieved by using cron. Simply run the...

USB access in qubes OS


By default, accessing USB devices is disabled. Enabling USB access comes with specific security risks, but for most of us, it’s a necessity. For example, I need access to my YubiKey in a specific domain. Qubes uses a sys-vm called sys-usb to proxy the USB devices. Normally, this is created during the installation process (you are asked at the end). But if you do not have it, you can create...

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