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How to mount a drive in Linux


Mount that drive You just got a brand new shiny USB stick for moving things around your devices fast and easy but your NAS or home server does not see the newly plugged in device. In this tutorial, you will learn how to mount it as folder in the linux OS using the console commands. Find the drive Run the following command to display the attached disks: fdisk -l The output should look similar to...

Lubuntu + RDP – A free alternative to windows vps


Yet another linux desktop Following up on the RDP tutorial found here , there is yet another Linux flavor available for a smooth desktop experience: Lubuntu (LXDE) . The install process is basically the same with a few minor changes. Make sure to use Ubuntu 16 or 18 as the OS in order to make sure this actually works. After logging in with Putty via SSH, run the following command to update Ubuntu...

What is a VPS?


Also known as the cloud Definition A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual server which acts as a dedicated or private server even though it is hosted using virtualization on a physical server which runs several operating systems. It is perceived as private/dedicated because the user has exclusive access and it can run its own operating system instance. Function To better understand the...

How to use SFTP


The essential tool You got to a point where the Linux vps server is ready to serve your content to the world but fail to see how to upload your work from your pc. Don’t worry, the solution is simple. WinSCP is one of the many graphical SSH clients capable of transferring files from a Windows platform to a Linux one. It works over SSH using SFTP on port 22 of the remote machine therefore...

How to change the Administrator password on Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Windows Server 2016


In this tutorial, we will demonstrate using various scenarios, how to change the Administrator password, which is the main administrative account, on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, the enterprise version of Windows 10. Microsoft Windows 10 Method 1. You know the current Administrator password If you already know the password, it is pretty easy to change the Administrator password. -Open the...

How to install NVIDIA drivers on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver Linux


This tutorial will help users that want to install drivers for their NVIDIA GPU on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS OS. Step 1 – Clean the system of other Nvidia drivers Before we start installing the correct driver, we need to clean the system of any previously installed driver that might create software issues. We can do that by using the following command: sudo apt-get purge nvidia* Step 2 – Check...

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