Install MetaTrader on linux


MetaTrader , as the name suggests, is a platform designed for trading Forex. It is available on several systems like Windows or Linux.
This tutorial will cover Linux installation on a RDP-enable VPS.


  • An Ubuntu RDP-enabled linux VPS. You can find one at MVPS.NET, the minimum recommended is the Basic┬ávariant.
  • Putty or any other SSH client.


The installation process is comprised of Wine installation and MetaTrader 4 installation.

1. Wine installation

A free software that allows apps developed for Windows run on Linux or other UNIX-based systems.
Connect to the VPS using Putty and follow the following commands.

Install the Wine repo:

wget -nc
apt-key add Release.key
apt update

Install Wine stable version:

apt-get -y install wine-stable
apt-get -y install --install-recommends winehq-stable

2. MetaTrader installation

Downloading the package from the official page:


Proceed with all software required prompts by Wine:

And finally, install the program as you would on Windows:

After the install is completed you should be greeted by MetaTrader 4 running on your Linux VPS.


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