How To Search Google using The Linux Terminal


Let’s suppose you are working in the terminal (change permissions, edit configuration files, etc.) and, to save time, you can search directly on Google without leaving the command line. The application for Google searching in the command-line is called Googler. It can be used as a standalone application, or in combination with a text-based web browser (example: Links). Googler is developed in Python and can be found in GitHub. It requires a version of Python greater than 3.3. To check which version of Python you have installed run the command:

python3 –version

Installing Google in Arch Linux

As usual, Arch Linux does not disappoint anyone and allows Googler to be installed from AUR:

yaourt -S googler


pacaur -S googler

Installing Googler in Ubuntu

Unfortunately, Googler is not yet available in Ubuntu warehouses, but it can be installed directly from GitHub by following the steps below:

installing Git (if you do not already have it installed)

sudo apt-get install git

• Running the following commands:

cd /tmp
git clone
cd googler
sudo make installcd auto-completion/bash/
cd auto-completion/bash/
sudo cp googler-completion.bash /etc/bash_completion.d/

How to use Googler

It is extremely simple to use it: googler is commanded, followed by what we want to look for:

googler what-we-want-to-look for

If we write the number attached to each search result and press ENTER, the link opens in the default browser in the system.

Google search on Google News

googler –news your_query

googler -N your_query

Google search on a particular website

googler -w query field

googler -w linux

Limit the number of results

If you think there are too many results (the first 10 are displayed), you can limit their number using the –count=N parameter, where N represents the desired number of displayed results:

googler –count=N query

To see all the options Googler allows, just look at its manual using the famous man command:

man googler

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