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What is Smokeping


Smokeping is used to monitor network latency and is used to send ping packets to configured stations, with 20 packets every 30 seconds. Based on the responses received, it can generate graphs with the availability of equipment or networks. SmokePing is a latency measurement tool. The SmokePing Project can measure, store and display latency, latency distribution, and packet loss. SmokePing uses...

What is the Linux software Composer


PHP has a slightly turbulent history of packet management. This was to change in early 2012, when Composer and his brother, Packagist, were launched. A package management system did not exist in the PHP world until early 2000, when Stig Bakken started the PEAR project as a result of the Tel Aviv talks at the PHP Developers Meeting. The operating principle of the PEAR was to incorporate a manager...

What is a VPN server and how to choose the right one


There are a lot of features people to choose a VPN over direct connection. Here are a few of the most commonly used ones: 1. Unlock content Let’s suppose you live in Germany but want to watch a show on Hulu. Or, let’s say you are on holiday in Italy, but want to watch a series available only in the American version of Netflix. Without a VPN, you will not be able to access the website...

How to Configure a Minecraft Server on the Bukkit platform


Do you want to configure a Minecraft server but you do not know how to start? In this tutorial, I’ll try to explain how you can set up your Minecraft server. First of all, you have to know that there are two large platforms: Vanilla and Bukkit. Vanilla is the original, unmodified server. Bukkit created CraftBukkit, a modified customer on which you can install plug-ins to improve your server...

How to create a port-forward for your Minecraft server and how to install the plugins for it


Creating port forwarding rules to allow the game server connecting to the internet If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection and you want to connect your Minecraft server to the internet you have to create a port that will redirect the users who connect through your IP to your computer (your server). Here are the steps you need to follow: 1. Connect to the your wifi router; the IP address should...

Cryptkeeper the best tool for encrypting folders in Linux


Let’s say you want to have one, two or more encrypted folders in your Linux user account. You want these folders to be hidden and can not be accessed by absolutely anyone, even those who know your root password. You want you and only you to have access to these folders. Cryptkeeper does exactly what you want: manages encrypted folders; allows you to mount and remove encfs folders, change...

Arch Linux Terminology


Below are a few specific terms for the Arch distribution. Some are found in other Linux distributions as well. ABS Arch Build System (ABS) is used to: • Recompile a package for any reason. • Create and install new source packages for programs without any available packages. • Customize existing packages to suit your needs (enable or disable options, patching). • Recompile the entire system, using...

Do we need an antivirus on Linux?


There is an eternal controversy between Linux users: is there an antivirus needed in Linux? In Windows, it is clear that without the antivirus, that PC is dead (even if its “owner” is not aware of it). The computer shuts itself down, strange windows with text that you do not understand, or tens/hundreds of windows that you can not shut down, emails are sent automatically – the...

How to Set Up Bash Aliases in Linux


If you use the bash command line regularly, you must have noticed that sometimes it’s rather inconvenient and unproductive to type long commands, not to mention that all sorts of options and parameters have to be memorized. Aliases can be used to shorten or rename long commands into shorter ones. The alias allows a string to be replaced with a single word to simplify a command. alias [-p]...

What is JSON


JSON is an English acronym for JavaScript Object Notation and is a format for representation and the interchange of data between computer applications. It is a human-readable text format used to represent objects and other data structures and is especially used to transmit structured data over the network, the process is called serialization. JSON is simpler, easier than XML. The elegance of the...

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