Cryptkeeper the best tool for encrypting folders in Linux


Let’s say you want to have one, two or more encrypted folders in your Linux user account. You want these folders to be hidden and can not be accessed by absolutely anyone, even those who know your root password. You want you and only you to have access to these folders.

Cryptkeeper does exactly what you want: manages encrypted folders; allows you to mount and remove encfs folders, change your password, and create new encrypted folders. It integrates seamlessly with Linux file managers.

Install Cryptkeeper in Ubuntu

Run the command:

sudo apt-get install cryptkeeper

Install Cryptkeeper in Arch Linux

Cryptkeeper is in AUR, so everyone will use the preferred method for installing AUR packages. I will use yaourt or Octopi:

yaourt -S cryptkeeper

Launching it is simple: after launch, the cryptkeeper icon appears in System Tray. When you click on it, there are 3 options: opening an already created folder (asking for the access password), importing an encFS folder (encrypted) or creating a new encrypted folder.

Creating a new encrypted folder is intuitive, just like managing them: if the folder you want is not mounted, it does not appear in the file manager, and no one, even if it has access to your computer, can not access it (unless it knows the password created when you created this encrypted folder); after installing with Cryptkeeper, the data in that folder can be accessed like any other. Remember, when you’re done, dismantle them to prevent unauthorized people from accessing them.

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