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What is Wordpress in the cloud?

Wordpress is a complex and flexible web content management system (CMS) that is offered free and open source and built in PHP and MySQL. It is the most popular blogging platform that simplistically enables the creation and management of a website, offering an impressive number of plugins and themes to expand the application's usefulness.

It is configured quickly and provides powerful features for your website development. It focuses on achieving performance, accessibility and security while using the application. Wordpress has an extensive community of developers and users that will help you successfully reach your goals.

It provides the opportunity for anyone without a technical experience to make web content easy to publish. The software has a web template system and an architecture in the form of a front controller that offers a wide variety of dedicated solutions.

It is SEO-friendly and contributes effectively to search engine optimization, being capable of a unique personalization of the experience offered to the public through key features.

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