Affiliate program

Become an affiliate and earn a good income from MVPS. Tell your friends about our great offer, use your marketing skills to generate sales for us and we give you your share!

Buy a cheap VPS from MVPSHow does it work?

You are provided with a unique address for our website. Customers who register using your link are marked and once they buy something, you get a commission.

Cheapest VPS prices in France, Germany and the Netherlands How much do i get?

You get 15% of any payment done by the customers you refer in the next 12 months.

Moreover, you can get a 30% BONUS if you decide to use the affiliate funds for our services!

SSD VPS Who can become an affiliate?

Anyone can become an affiliate! But some specific groups might have more success with our affiliate program.


It's easier to recommend a service and earn from the commission if you can just post about it.


You know our service is great and you can help your friends with a recommendation.

Cheap VPS Internet Marketers

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System Administrators

You can surely vouch for our services! You've already tested them and you were impressed!

Web Designers

Why not deliver the website you were just working on with a great hosting service and earn a recurring commission?

Social Media Influencers

Why not tag us in few posts and earn a good commission?

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