About Us

MVPS is a European company which aims to offer high quality web hosting services by using high performance hardware and the guarantee of a competitive pricing structure.

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Launched with the desire to offer complete and reliable VPS solutions, we will ensure the security and performance required for growing your business. Our team consists of highly-trained professionals and our aim is to satisfy even the most demanding requirements of our customers. In an attempt to offer our clients the best VPS experience, we have created one of the most user-friendly VPS management interfaces, which allows for a fast deployment and an easy administration of the VPS servers.

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What We Do

  • We offer high-performance VPS at affordable prices
  • We provide QEMU KVM Full Virtualization
Cheap European VPS in the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Greece, Spain and Germany

Who We Are

  • An innovative VPS hosting company operating on the european market
  • A team of highly specialized professionals
Instant delivery VPS

How We Serve

  • By providing ultra-fast VPS servers to our customers
  • By offering a modern webinterface for VPS management.

Cheapest VPS prices in the Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Greece, Spain and Germany Why choose us?

We strive to offer the best prices for our VPS services while still keeping the highest standards of service, from high-end hardware to specialized technical staff.

Our platform has been completely written from scratch in an attempt to offer a solution for your VPS needs. We really like automation and we want that all the services we offer to be completely automated and accessible on our self-service platform.

SSD VPS and NVMe VPS Premium hardware

We only use high quality hardware for our nodes ensuring the best performance for your VPS servers at all times. We always upgrade to get only the latest hardware technologies.

SSD and NVMe Disks Only

A VPS server will never work well unless SSD or NVMe Drives are used. All our servers are using enterprise SSD and NVMe disks to ensure your VPS never lags.

Multiple Operating Systems

You get to choose from the latest Operating Systems for your VPS. It's ok to change your mind, you can install another operating system at any time.

Cheap VPS MVPS Features

  • Multiple VPS Locations
  • Highly trained staff
  • Modern Webinterface for VPS management
  • Completely automated VPS
  • Instant Delivery VPS
  • GDPR Ready
  • Free Automated backups
  • QEMU KVM - Full Virtualization
  • IPv6 ready
  • Premium network

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