Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions our customers have asked us!

Keeping the CPU at 100% for over 30 minutes shall lead to cpu throttling.

No, the IP cannot be changed nor selected. The server's location cannot be changed once the server has been delivered.

No, nested virtualization is not supported on our servers.

Yes, you can choose to upgrade to any of the other packages at any time. All your data will be safe and kept intact, the ip remains the same and the upgrade process takes 3-5 minutes.

Unfortunately, downgrading is not possible due to limitations in the virtualization technology. If you no longer need such a powerful VPS, you can order a smaller one and manually transfer your data.

No, our VPS services are sold only as packages.

Yes, the VPS will be rebooted.

Yes, we offer lifetime IPs and there is a one-time cost of 40 EUR + VAT. The IPs cannot be changed or refunded once ordered. Outgoing SMTP connections are blocked from the additional IPs.

The IPs are assigned for the lifetime of the VPS. Once the VPS is cancelled, the IPs are cancelled as well. The IPs cannot be transferred to another VPS.

Credit Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfers

VAT is reverse charged (0%) for companies which have a valid EU VAT ID. Individuals and companies that are residents outside the European Union and The United Kingdom are not charged VAT.
All the prices on our website are VAT-exclusive, and we charge VAT to all EU individuals and to EU companies which do not have a valid VAT ID.

We offer refund for up to 3 days since the service has been ordered, for the first service ordered on your account. The refunds can take up to 14 days to be issued. If the payment method does not support refunds, the refund will be done as account credit.

The upgrades or additional IP orders are not refundable. Only the initial service cost will be refunded.

Account balances are not refundable. The full agreement regarding the refund can be found here.

Yes if you pay by PayPal or card, you will be charged automatically each month until you cancel the subscription. We also offer the option for one-time payments on the payment page if you do not wish to be charged automatically.

Alternatively, you can save your card and use the automatic balance replenishment function. This will fill your balance as soon as the balance gets below a certain threshold. It's available on the automated payments page.

No, only a single product per account is eligible for refund. Please order a service, test it out and make sure it suits you and only afterwards order more.

The services are suspended 2 days after the due date. They wiped from our system after 7 more days.

No, the backups and the service have been wiped from our servers when the service got cancelled.

You can change the billing term at any time provided all the invoices for that service are paid. Downgrading the billing term can only be done in the last 30 days of the current billing term.

No, if the service has been suspended for breaching our terms of service, there will no refunds for the service in cause or any other service on that account.

I'm afraid not as our services are designed to run continuously. You can cancel the service if you do not need it, but it cannot be paused.

Yes, we provide week-long technical support, from 9:00 to 21:00 GMT+2, through our ticket system. Please note that our servers are sold as unmanaged, meaning we handle the live status of the server, such as network and hardware issues, but we do not handle issues related to 3rd party software installed on the server.

No, we do not offer any kind of managed services.

No, we do not offer any kind of chat, phone or skype support.

No, we only provide support in English.

You should contact the application vendor. We do not offer any kind of support for other applications.

During the working hours, the average response time is 30 Minutes.

No, we do not permit our services to be used for any kind of mass-mailing, be it newsletters or anything else. It shall be considered SPAM and the services terminated.

No, any kind of port or vulnerability scanning shall lead to the termination of the service.

Yes, and we recommend WireGuard.

No, any kind of flood, dos or other "stress testing" shall lead to the permanent termination of all the services in the account.

No, only 1 account per entity is permitted.

No, mining cryptocurrency shall lead to the permanent termination of the services.

No, hosting copyrighted products without the proper licensing shall lead to the termination of the service.

No, hosting any kind of phishing shall lead to the termination of the service.

We do not have any restrictions regarding IRC, as long as it's not used in connection with any illegal actions.

No, we do not allow pornography on our services.

Yes, as long it is not used for illegal purposes. However, tor exit nodes should not be hosted on our services.

Refer your friends, and we'll pay you 15% of their recurring purchases for the next 12 months!

You can use the funds for services and get an extra 30% BONUS or you can withdraw by PayPal!
More information can be found here.
The rules can be found here.

The commissions are paid NET90 (90 days after the transaction has been made). The minimum withdrawal is 10 EUR for account balance and 100 EUR for PayPal.

No, if you share the same computer or IP as any of your registered affiliates, it will be considered fraud and the affiliate program will be disabled for your account with all the commissions forfeited.

Yes, if your company has a valid EU VAT ID verifiable in VIES, your invoices will be issued with 0% VAT (reverse-charge).

For the non-EU companies, the VAT rate is 0% by default and the company is responsible for the VAT reporting in its country.

The TAX invoices are issued 5 days after the transaction. They can be downloaded from the Documents page and will also be sent to you by email.

Yes, on the Automated Payments page there is a function called automatic balance replenishment. This will automatically charge your card and add funds to your account balance if it gets below a certain threshold.

Yes, as long as you have set the company field in the account profile, the tax invoices will be sent to you by email. They can also be downloaded from the Documents page.

We generate one invoice for each transaction. The best solution is to use the add funds option (or the automatic balance replenishment) to add the necessary funds to your account balance. This will generate a single tax invoice, and you can add the necessary funds for 1,3,6,12 months.

Yes, you only need to update your account profile and add the company name and the VAT ID (if applicable). Any tax invoice not yet generated will be generated with your company's details.

Yes, you need to update your account profile and set the finance e-mail field. All the billing or finance emails will be then sent to this address.