You may request a refund within 3 days of purchase of a server. The refund will be issued once, for the first service ordered and for maximum 1 service per account's lifetime.

cPanel or Plesk servers are not refundable in any way or form, due to the licensing requirements.

NOTE: Refunds will be sent in the same method as the original payment. If the payment method does not support refunds or it is marked as non-refundable during the payment process, ex: paysafecard, bitcoin and any cryptocurrency, the refunds will be issued only as account credit.

If the refund has been issued to the MVPS account balance and the funds have been used to order another service, no other refunds will be issued.

MVPS is not responsible for any additional charges that PayPal or any other payment processor may take. The transaction fees are not refundable.

If the service is terminated by the customer before the end of its term, no refunds will be issued for the remaining period (days/months/years).

No refunds will be issued to customers who reside or who try to use our services in countries which block IPs, for example: Syria, Belarus, China, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan. The list is not exhaustive.

Bandwidth usage is not refundable, if it's above 1TB and will be charged with 3 EUR per TB.

If abuse messages are received for the server, no refund will be issued.

Chargebacks and disputes with our payment processors forfeits any right for refund.

If multiple accounts are created, although forbidden by our terms of service, no refunds will be provided for any of the accounts.

Any service suspension for abuse or the breaking of this terms of service forfeits the refund policy for all the services in the account, including the unused account credit.

Refunds take up to 14 days to be completed.

Account balances are not refundable.