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What is ownCloud in the cloud?

OwnCloud is an open-source application that provides access to data and files anytime and anywhere alongside other web organizer tools through a single portal. The ability to quickly load files and share securely with links makes it a highly useful application. Although file sharing is done in a centralized location, you benefit from data security and deficient control.

OwnCloud is the easiest way to synchronize files and share data across multiple devices simultaneously. Provides privacy wherever you are and a flexible architecture that delivers grading and other external features for enhanced performance. Allows to send notifications for sharing, also having the benefit of encryption based on accreditation or keys. The application is ideal for those who want better productivity and security for their digital collaboration, offering access from any location.

OwnCloud has the ability to store more data, allowing users to access a variety of additional features. Choose a reliable and cheap vps from us to install Owncloud with just one click and enjoy all of the application's features.

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