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One click install cheap Docker VPS

What is Docker in the cloud?

Docker is a new, open-source alternative to the virtualization system, becoming the most popular container software currently used. This platform developed by Docker INC differs from other container projects simply by facilitating the creation and administration of containers in a simplistic way.

Docker's flexibility has contributed significantly to the development of scalable applications, drawing attention to people concerned with development and deployment. Massive and simplified scalability has led to the deployment of many complex applications using limited server resources without virtualizing the entire operating system. Docker Containers do not require a hypervisor, which is why you can benefit more from unused VPS resources. The use of the host kernel provides predictability, and the system does not need to consider the dependencies that are useful in running a specific application.

Docker provides the necessary elements for container creation and management, ensuring network communication between container-container and container-vps. Ensures all container management functions, allowing for successful independence between application packages and infrastructure. Docker's workflow helps isolate multiple sites on a single vps for greater security and stability.

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The Docker One-click-app is based on Ubuntu 20.04.

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