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What is Webmin in the cloud?

Webmin is a free open-source application that acts as a complex interface for the base applications on the server and can be installed on Linux, Unix and Windows systems. The software is written in Perl and allows a large package of actions such as: system administration, user and software package management, firewall configuration, file sharing, etc. It enjoys a great popularity because it allows to simplify the administration of the system through a reliable web interface that protects against any errors that may occur in the configuration file editing process. With a modular design, application functions can be operated independently by the rest of the system.

Webmin can also be used by people without experience in system administration, offering many modules and themes available in the library to improve the functionality of your application. This modern web control panel organizes intuitively the settings you can make to configure your system. Webmin is considered a useful command-line management alternative that has comprehensive support for wb, ftp, ssh, mail, domains, databases, etc. configuration.

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