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One click install cheap LEMP VPS

What is LEMP in the cloud?

LEMP is an open-source software suite that takes care of dynamic websites and web applications. It represents an alternative to the classic LAMP, with a modular structure, which allows the replacement of Apache with Nginx in a simple and efficient way.

Nginx enjoys great popularity because it is a fast and powerful application with remarkable performance on the static and dynamic files of a website. Due to the use of Nginx on LEMP, the connections will be managed optimally and quickly and the requirements of many users will be truly satisfied.

Nginx also is the reverse proxy server for a number of protocols, but it also has other features, such as file cache and load balancing. Having a LEMP server as the basis for websites and web applications you can benefit from flexibility and stability due to packages that will automatically update.

The LEMP application is available for the CentOS installation with a single click on a vps provided by us at an affordable price, taking advantage of the performance of the included resources.

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