How to use RDP


You might have heard or seen it on the web or when ordering a new project platform from MVPS.NET. It is a central part of graphical user interaction with an online machine and a tool for which many of todays achievements, would not be possible.

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol and it is one of the coolest things in the virtual world. It allows a user to login a remote machine while bringing the desktop right on the main display.
In order to connect via RDP, open RDP services from the Start menu or start your favorite RDP client app (be it Android, Windows or Mac) and you will be requested to enter 3 details:

  • IP address or domain
  • username
  • password

They are crucial for the connection to work.

If the details are correct, you should be presented with something like this:

Here at  MVPS.NET   the default username for linux machines is root for both SSH and RDP connections and the IP/password is provided via delivery email.

Enjoy your shiny new desktop!

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