How to connect to a vps or server via SSH


How to connect to a vps or server via SSH


You just purchased a VPS from MVPS.NET and received an email containing an IP and a root password. Where to go from there? Generally speaking, the most common connection method used for remote linux machines is called SSH (Secure Shell). It provides a secure, encrypted channel in a client-server architecture over an unsecured network and the default port is 22.

The most common SSH client around is Putty. It provides an easy to use interface, a plethora of options and settings while being very straightforward.


The IP must be inserted in the “Host Name (or IP address)” tab and the default port is 22.

Default username for MVPS.NET linux boxes is root.

You might think of typing that long and complex password by hand while Putty will not show the characters but don’t be quick about it. The nifty trick with Putty is right-click paste.
Copy the password using CTRL+C and right-click on Putty to paste after which press Enter.

Presto! You’re now logged in your fresh linux machine from MVPS.NET, ready to do as you command it 🙂

For more info on Putty or SSH, there is plenty of info online but just to show it in action, check out the Youtube video here:

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