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Tools for monitoring a VPS


Monitoring the performance of your recently purchased VPS server is just as important as its security, and that’s why we want to bring some useful programs to your attention through this article. Some monitoring programs are provided by the operating system, while others will need to be installed. We will assume that CentOS operating system is installed on your VPS. The list of programs...

Linux Malware Detect


The security of a website hosted on a VPS is as important as the security of a computer running an antivirus program. Security becomes even more important when the website is a business that generates profits and carries out transactions that use private data of its customers. Configuring a firewall and updating the platform that drives the website together with the themes and plugins used are...

Papyros, a great theme for Windows 10 Creators Update


If you are tired of the default theme of Windows 10 Creators Update, I recommend Papyros, an elegant theme with Numix shades, and the Fetch iPack icons, which complement each other harmoniously. As with every unofficial Windows theme, before you can install Papyros, if you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to apply the three patches to your system using UltraUXThemePatcher. Next...

CSS styles


Css is a stylization language for html elements, html tags. The name CSS comes from the expression Cascading Style Sheets. In modern Web Design, only CSS is used to style web pages. This means that from the color of the letters and the background to the positioning of the elements on a web page, everything is stylized through CSS. The styles used on a page can be embedded in that page or can be...

What is CSS


CSS, short for Cascading Style Sheets, are tags used to format web pages (for example, text formatting, background or page layout, etc.). The benefits of CSS syntax are: • formatting is introduced in one place for the entire document • fast editing of labels • thanks to the insertion in one place of the labels a reduction of the page code is obtained, implicitly the faster loading of the page The...

Handling errors in C language


The C language was created in the early 1970s and was originally intended to write part of the Unix operating system. C language is a universal programming language, characterized by a concise expression, a modern control of the execution flow, data structures, and a rich set of operators. The C Language is not a “very high level” language and is not specialized for a particular field...

Linux Mint 17 “QIANA”


Linux Mint 17 “Qiana” LTS, according to the release notes back in 2014, it brought many new features. We will mention only a few, not necessarily the most important ones: the update manager, which was less resource consuming, faster and more elegant, the drivers for video cards, which were able to be installed without an internet connection, the user login screen, which looked much...

How to fix the boot error stuck at Starting bpfilter on Ubuntu 19.04


The following bug manifests on all versions of Ubuntu, starting with Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS, Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS, Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) and Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine). How it starts After an update to the latest version, either through: apt-get update apt-get upgrade apt-get dist-upgrade How it manifests The system will hang permanently at boot time, no matter how many times...

A+ ActionScript and Ada


A+ A + is a programming language, a dialect of the APL language but with extensions. Arthur Whitney developed the “A” part of A +, while other developers at Morgan Stanley expanded it, adding graphical interface and other language features. A + has been designed for applications that use number boards intensively, such as financial applications. A + runs on many variants of Unix...

Types of programming languages


A programming language is a system of conventions adopted to carry out a communication – between the programmer and the computer. The languages ​​used to program a computer are extremely similar to natural languages. They are composed of: 1. words (reserved) 2. punctuation 3. sentences and phrases 4. syntactic rules Just as in order to acquire a foreign language its words must be learned...

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