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What is the Master PDF Editor


Master PDF Editor is a pdf editing tool that can edit or add a text or image and password to a pdf file. Using this pdf editing application, you can share, merge and remove pages from a pdf file. Master PDF editor offers you many features such as: 1. Create new pdf or edit existing ones 2. Add and/or edit bookmarks in pdf files 3. Quick and easy completion of a pdf form 4. Changing font...

What is UEFI


UEFI is a program that can be viewed as a more robust and modern BIOS. It has the same role as the BIOS, but it also has some advantages over it, such as encryption, remote diagnosis and computer repair even if the system does not have an installed operating system. This type of BIOS was invented by Intel and was released in 2005. UEFI has become popular since the launch of the Windows 8...

A short description of how to use Total Commander


Total Commander is a file manager that no longer requires any presentation. It is, from many points of view, the best. The functions mentioned in the other programs are also found in Total Commander. Beyond the standard features, its functionality can extend far beyond standard boundaries. And this is done with the help of plugins. If you search the internet for a description for Total Commander...

The SESAME protocol


The Secure European System for Applications in a Multivendor Environment (SESAME) is the result of a European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA) project designed to optimize and extend the Kerberos protocol for distributed network control. The architecture of the SESAME system uses a two-tier hierarchy of keys: 1. A simple key – established and used between an initiating SACM and the...

How to use WinSCP


WinSCP (Windows Secure CoPy) is a free and Open Source, FTP client and SSH client running under Microsoft Windows. Its main function is to transfer files between the local computer and other computers in the LAN or WAN. WinSCP also has other features: File manager, File synchronization, File editing. The SSH and SCP protocols are used for file transfer. Characteristics:     1. Graphical Interface...

How to use PuTTY


PuTTY is a free and open source program that emulates a terminal as a client for SSH, Telnet, rlogin, and raw TCP protocol as well as client for serial consoles. The name “PuTTY” has no meaning whatsoever, reflecting the “through TTY” procedure where “TTY” refers to “terminal” in UNIX terminology (TTY is short for Teletype). PuTTY implements the...

RPC – Remote Procedure Call


RPC is a powerful technique for building distributed applications based on the client-server model. The model extends the notion of local call procedure, the difference being that the called procedure is not in the same addressing space with the calling procedure. The two processes involved may be on the same computer or may be on two computers in the network. Using PRC, distributed application...

Text editors for code


Any programmer, like any writer or site owner, is looking to have the best text editor for programming as efficient and easier as possible. Below is a list of text editors for programming and programmers that we consider more edifying: 1. Sublime Text Sublime Text is probably the most used text editor, given that it offers us some plugins for a variety of programming languages, and searching for...

Video editing in Linux


Many of those who have moved to or intend to move to Linux wonder what are the video editors they can use in the new operating system. 1. Avidemux. Avidemux – is one of the simplest video editors. Allows clipping, joining, filtering, and encoding video clips. It is compatible with most video formats (AVI, MPEG, MP4, DVD, ASF) and can be easily used by inexperienced users. Provides many...

Evolution: An email and calendar software


Evolution is a group of e-mail programs along with activity planning lists and a calendar. The application also offers an e-mail address book. Start Evolution by selecting Applications-> Internet-> Email or the evolution command. Available menus, menu items, and toolbar icons vary depending on the open component. Use the left panel to select the information displayed on the right. The size...

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