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How to delete files older than a certain number days in Linux


Once we have automated a VPS server backup, it is unavoidable the fact that we will have to delete older files after a certain number of days. To avoid deleting them manually (which means connecting to the server, which can become tiresome), one line can be written in one of the scripts you use for the backup. The line is actually a find command with some advanced options: find /mnt/directory/ ...

What is LaTeX


TeX is considered by some to be the best solution for gathering text containing mathematical formulas, especially in the form of LaTeX and other templates. LaTeX Text is a document preparation system that allows you to issue data using the TeX programming language. Leslie Lamport created LaTeX in 1984 at SRI International and over time became the primary method for TeX programming. Due to the...

What is the Standard Query Language


Standard Query Language (SQL) is at the base of any relational database, including DB2 from IBM, Oracle, SQL Server from Microsoft and the MySQL open source database. Although in theory it has been standardized for 20 years, its implementations range from a relational database management system (RDBMS) to another, which is why some of the skills are not easily transferable from one case to...

What is GRUB


The boot loader or boot manager is a program that aims to load the computer’s operating system memory when the system boots. Most boot loaders are made up of several programs of relatively small size that are used in a particular sequence, with the purpose of loading the operating system. Among the most widely used boot loaders on the Linux platform is Loadlin, primarily used to allow Linux...

What is wget


Wget (also called GNU Wget Linux) is a non-interactive application for the Linux terminal helping us work with files and web pages. In fact, it is a program used for downloading files over the Internet, characterized by the lack of a graphical interface and a number of management features that are not typical for more modern solutions. The Croatian engineer Hrvoji Niksic developed the program...

How to create swap partition in Linux


Swap is a dedicated partition on the hard drive and used by Linux when the total amount of RAM installed in the system is fully occupied. In other words, the swap partition is the place where the information is stored when it does not take place in RAM. The content of the swap partition is not accessible to the user and the space occupied by the swap partition cannot be used to store the files...

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